Establish organisation DEMAND – the aspirations of an organisation and how it works operationally often conflict. We act as the ‘glue’ with the business, ensuring user requirements are fully integrated into space planning and building design development.

Analyse the building SUPPLY – we have worked on a wide range of building types and often work with clients and their advisors at an early project stage to test possible options for suitability and size. Efficiency studies, floor zoning tests, stacking and blocking options are developed in conjunction with other consultants during the due-diligence period.

Concept design and outline space planning - drawing on our experience across different workplace sectors, we work with our clients to create suitable work settings. This phase crucially sets the precedent for workplace standards, FM policies, servicing strategies and future-proofing. Outline cost checks with project Quantity Surveyor.

Scheme design and detail space planning - coordination with other specialist consultants from disciplines such as M&E, AV, acoustic and structural to integrate all elements and ensure agreed design principles are maintained. Risk assessments are carried out in consultation with the CDMC. We understand that within a project timescale, requirements can change – we liaise with client representatives to capture evolving needs.  We work closely with FF&E suppliers with regular updates of finishes, products and equipment and can provide impartial furniture procurement advice. Detailed cost checks with project Quantity Surveyor.

Production information - our in-house production team generate all performance specifications and plans for Tender. Weekly drawing and specification reviews are held in our studio to ensure clarity of information and design quality is maintained. We liaise with client representatives and the project Quantity Surveyor regarding potential contractor interviews and subsequent appointments.

Works on site, handover & post occupancy - contractor specifications and drawings will be reviewed to ensure compliance with contract documentation. Non-compliant works and defects will be identified.  Construction queries will be reviewed and resolved as required, but often during attendance of coordination and review meetings. We work closely with the project Quantity Surveyor regarding contractor payment applications and carry out inspections at Practical Completion of trade packages.