Diverse Interior Architecture is a multi-disciplinary practice that offers expertise in the design and delivery of work, leisure, learning and home environments. We offer a full consultancy and design service to assist owners, developers and occupiers identify their needs, develop appropriate solutions and implement final designs.

The constituents of good design:

  • delivering solutions to meet client needs and aspirations
  • fit-for-purpose schemes without unnecessary and expensive add-ons
  • maximising a building’s efficiency and reducing its operating costs
  • flexibility to cater for future change
  • positive effect on occupiers, visitors and the environment
  • timeless aesthetic quality appropriate to the project’s social, economic and environmental objectives
  • accessible and inclusive for all
  • reduced running and maintenance costs
  • cost effective and value for money over the life-cycle
  • completed on time and in budget
  • positively impacting on business performance including market share, growth, productivity and competitiveness