Whether we are planning a home, work, leisure or learning environment, our aim is to provide solutions that are efficient, stimulating and appropriate. Our rigorous pre-planning approach enables this. We thoroughly analyse our clients’ requirements using our established briefing tools and benchmarking data. Our appraisal of selected accommodation will have determined viability and appropriateness to our client’s needs and aspirations.

The common denominator and overriding principle in all our work is the consideration of flexibility and adaptability. Technology has undoubtedly blurred the boundaries between our daily activities – we live, work and play in a more agile way, and increasingly our clients are emphasizing the importance of being able to re-organise as technology and business drivers change.

With these factors in mind, striking the right balance between economic viability and vision is key. During concept space planning stages, we consider:

  • arrival, impact, orientation and flow
  • accessibility
  • security and visitors
  • depths of space and building grids
  • perimeter conditions
  • natural daylight and solar control
  • statutory compliance, evacuation and travel distances
  • anthropometric data